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Commonly Asked Questions, Answered

Is it cheaper to buy online or from a pet store?

95% of the time, everything is cheaper online; if you factor in shipping, it may be even. If the site has free shipping or there is a sale with free shipping, stock up. I buy all of my pet food/supplies online.

Live Fish/Reptiles - Online?

Again - 95% of the time, it's better to buy live animals online. Why? Well, first off, most places don't have very good pet stores; the namebrand pet stores often have diseased fish in my experience, and overall survival rate of the fish I buy online is much higher. Also, you get a much better variety when you buy fish or reptiles online. Most reptiles you find online can't even be bought in stores, or are rare.

Amphibians? Where is their section?

They're in with the reptiles! (although they they technically aren't reptiles, you'll find online they are miss-categorized as such on almost every webpage I've ever been to)

Live Reptiles??

It's hard to find good live reptile venders online -- but we got you covered! In with the reptiles.

If you have any other questions regaurding pet supplies..

please send us an email at aridseasupport [at]